Log Rollin’: March 5 2017

For the third outing for the North East Ohio Family Nature Club, we headed to Summit Metroparks’ O’Neil Woods to roll logs. It was a bit colder than anticipated, with lots of snow on the ground. But it was a good opportunity to learn how animals weather the winter. Many animals find shelter from cold temps, moisture and food under logs. We found millipedes, centipedes, spiders, springtails, roly polies, exoskeletons of last year’s cicadas and orange peel fungus. We didn’t find any salamanders, but you can download the coloring sheet here with some facts about the common redback salamander, as well as a checklist for the kids of things you might find under logs.

Salamander art and checklist.

Also, for those of you looking for more info on roly polies, be sure to show the kids this article and video:

Here are also some good articles on millipedes, and orange peel fungus.


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